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About Me:

Welcome to Sticks & Stones! My name is Jarrod. I have been an Usui Reiki practitioner since September of 2012 and received my RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) training in March of 2016. I have been an intuitive tarot reader since the summer of 2010.

I have always in a sense been drawn to the healing arts. Since childhood I have had a fixation with crystals and minerals. I used to love looking at my grandmother’s jewelry to gaze at the different stones and their brilliant colors. The museums’ geology collections always left me feeling exciting and curious. As an adult, I am an avid collector and love using my “crystal babies” in my healing work.

Reiki has truly been a life changing process for me. To have such a gift available to you at all times has really helped guide through some difficult life transitions. I am looking forward to spreading the knowledge that has been handed down to me from my teachers to my surrounding community.

In my spare time I am also an artist, photographer, personal chef, food blogger, as well as a father figure to many furry and feathered friends. Thank you for visiting Sticks & Stones and let me know how I can be of service!

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